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Special offers for a hotel stay in Alba Adriatica

Promotions and last minute

Check the offers of our hotel in Alba Adriatica and choose the one that best corresponds to your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details and to request a custom quote!
Promotions, discounts for children and packages, full board, await you. .

The first spring sun
from 22.05 to 15.09

Celebrate with us the opening of the 2015 season with promotion "FIRST SUN of spring".

From dinner on Monday 18 May at lunch on Friday May 22

119 € per person all included.

Children up to 12 years in room with two adults: free of charge.

And if you can't choose the week WEEKEND!

From lunch on Friday May 22 at lunch Monday, may 25

Always € 119 € per person all included.

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