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Hotel in Alba Adriatica with typical Abruzzo restaurant

The kitchen with the flavors of Abruzzo

Breakfast super continental!

The hotel Esperia is served in a true continental breakfast to give more to your day. You can indulge in sweets, all prepared in the morning by our Chef and salted accompanied by fresh bread homemeade, bio corner.

Every Thursday evening... the festival of Abruzzo!

Every Thursday we present you a theme evening where you can enjoy a delicious dinner, typical of abruzzo. We offer a traditional menu with an appetizer of meats and cheeses from abruzzo, maccheroncini alla chitarra, arrosticini and pork , and a spectacular home-made cake, to close in beauty. Surprise continuation! The week of August the "theme night" will be replaced with the Feast of 14 August.
And on Sunday don't miss our evening in the pizzeria, with pizza made by our chef!

Home-made bread and pastries warm from the oven

Hotel Esperia, we care about the quality of the ingredients and the values of a healthy diet. It is for this that every day make up home-made bread made with flours that come directly from a mill locally. And, at the end of every meal, our chef offers along with the coffee cakes, warm from the oven are always delicious, to enjoy in the cool of the gazebo in our backyard.
For lovers of traditional cuisine, we also recommend our pizza, always available for both lunch and dinner.

Refreshing aperitif to return from the beach

There is nothing better than a lovely cool drink and refreshing after a hot day at the beach? Every day at Hotel Esperia you will find fresh water and a soft drink at the beach.

Lunch served under the beach umbrella

For those who do not want to miss an hour of the sun, we have designed a menu to serve directly on the beach. Thanks to the impeccable organization of our staff, you will have the pleasure of being served with a delicious meal directly under your umbrella. Simply mark it on the menu of the evening before.

Path to health with vegan and vegetarian cuisine

Hotel Esperia we have also designed a personalized menu for those who, by choice or necessity, do not want to give up their eating habits. The chef prepares, on request, dishes for vegans and vegetarians that are always different, with tasty recipes and organic ingredients to suit all of your needs. We also serve delicious smoothies, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Children at the table

All children reserve our highest attention, proposing dedicated menus and maximum availability to fulfill requests for variations to the menu.
Our cook Barbara will personally attend to the preparation of vegetable broths, pureed vegetables, soups, as well as any other dish of your request, all based on the availability of fresh products of the day. Also on the schedules we try to meet every need of the children.

New 2017 with corner dedicated to babies: room for moms with electric plate, baby-bottle, sterilizer, water, olive oil and Parmesan cheese.

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